From My Mat To Yours


There is a pose in yoga that I find really uncomfortable. It’s called pigeon pose and it’s hard for me to settle into because I have really tight hips. Today, the more I relaxed, the more comfortable it became. Everytime I would exhale, I would focus on relaxing into the pose until finally, it started to feel really good. It reminded me to stop fighting against the situations that make me feel uncomfortable. Like in yoga, sometimes life requires us to settle in and give up our desire and instinct to resist whatever it is that is causing us to feel uneasy and stressed. Sometimes it is necessary to breathe into where we are until the struggle inside of us starts to subside. It is in that moment, that place, where we are able to relax enough to become unstuck from the emotions that tie us to a particular event. The theme for today, the reoccurring message seems to be, relax, breath and just let go. From my mat to yours, namaste.