Left Behind


How does a school bus leave an entire basketball team behind? I am sitting here tonight after a really crazy day thinking about how far I’ve come. Little things used to send me right over the edge. After experiencing and dealing with so many big things over the years when it comes to my kids and school, I have learned to have a sense of humor. Tonight, as I was pulling into the middle school across town to watch Chases basketball game, my cell phone rang. It was Chase, at game time calling to tell me he was still at the school because the bus had left him and the team behind. Apparently, our 8th grade team also had a game and although the athletic director and 8th grade coach drove and rode the bus, no one discovered the 7th grade team was missing. I know I’ve spent countless blog hours writing posts about school because my experiences have been so very odd but this one may take the cake. So, there I was, turning my car around to help transport these boys across town so they could at least make their second game. I am still scratching my head wondering how on earth the athletic director could make such an enormous mistake, especially when he is in charge of the basketball schedule. I can honestly say nothing that happens in that school could ever really surprise me anymore. At the very least, I thought they would have approached the parents and apologized but I guess that would be expecting way too much. The number one problem in a school that does not have their act together, poor communication and poor organization. Our kids deserve better, don’t you think?