Stay Calm


Everything often hits at once. The kids have all kinds at work due at the end of the semester. There are tests to study for and swim meets and shopping and you get it. Sometimes it piles up so high that I can’t see around it. It sits right there in front of me blocking me from seeing anything else. I am frozen in panic trying to figure out a way to get everything done and the more I panic, the less efficient I become. So today, I need to remind myself to take each day at a time and not look further ahead. Focus on now and work through that first. When I look at the week as a whole it becomes overbearing so stay here, in this moment, stay calm and know, this too shall pass. It is only one week in hopefully a very long life. I remember Catie saying in yoga last week, if you need to see things a different way, if you need a new perspective, do a headstand. Maybe I will give it a try.

What do you do to help ease the stress when you are feeling overwhelmed?

Buckle Up


There are moments when we are powerless, when we have no choice but to sit back and wait it out. I believe these are the times we are tested the most. What do we do when we have absolutely no control over a situation? How do we handle taking our hands off the wheel and moving to the passenger seat while we are taken on a ride completely blind to where we are headed?It teaches us a lot about our character and how able we are to completely surrender to whatever the moment is going to bring. It will make us question our faith, our strength and our will to hang on believing that everything will be okay in the end. Fasten your seatbelt, it may be a long and bumpy ride.