Which Way Will You Go?


I had a conversation with someone about judging. Why do we do it? Why is it so much easier to find fault with someone than it is to see the positive? What you focus on becomes becomes bigger and bigger. Your thoughts actually grow what your eyes will be allowed to see. Make your thoughts good ones. We are all human. We make choices but they are ours to make and at the end of the day it is us who must own them. Don’t assume you know what makes somebody tick. Until you live someone’s life or walk in their shoes, you cannot assume you know who they are. Focus on your own flaws and you won’t have as much time to notice others. You are a work in progress. Work on changing you and being the best possible version of yourself. Complaining about or judging others will not change a thing but it does engulf you with negativity. I don’t like to choke on that stuff. It makes me feel like I cannot breathe. Push it aside and look for the good. I promise you will feel so much better. So, are you with me? At least give it an honest try.

Pay attention to how many critical thoughts you have a day. Don’t judge them, just observe and acknowledge them. Ask yourself who these negative thoughts are about? What is the condition of your relationship with that person? If you are continually finding fault, would it even be possible to have positive feelings toward the person at all?

I’m not perfect but I am work in progress. Awareness is the first step. Change happens over time, one day at a time, one tiny step at a time. Every step in the right direction takes you to a better healthier place. Which direction are you walking? Thoughts become things. Choose good ones.