We Need More of This


It’s no secret I am a huge Thunder fan. I watched as that team left everything they had including their pride out on that court. I sat there close to tears as the final few seconds led to the end of the game. They played their hearts out. They gave it their all but last night just wasn’t their chance to shine. I went to bed wondering how they must have been feeling knowing they not only let themselves down but also disappointed so many amazing fans. What would it be like to have to come back home and look everyone in the eye that was counting on them to bring home a win. My heart hurt just thinking about it and I hoped Oklahoma would embrace them with loving, open arms.

An announcement popped up on my phone that there would be a live broadcast of Thunder arriving home. What I saw was beautiful. There were hundreds of fans waiting to greet them as they chanted O-K-C. The players looked at the crowd with disbelief and shared a moment of Oklahoma love. That is how it is supposed to be. When someone is hurting, we volunteer to carry some of the pain. When someone is down and out, we do our part to build them back up. I am so proud of what I witnessed today. More of this, that’s what we need. So much more of this…

What I Learned From Watching Basketball´╗┐


I’ve never been much of a sports fan in the past. Once we moved to Oklahoma though, I took an intense interest in the Thunder basketball team. Watching them the last few games, I saw something inside of me that I didn’t notice before. To be totally honest I did not think they had the slightest chance to beat the Spurs. Not only did they win the series and move on to play the Golden State Warriors, they actually won game one. I didn’t even think they would get that far.

 I am filled with limiting beliefs that just aren’t true. My own thoughts have been filled with doubt and dressed in defeat. I cannot believe I missed this before. We are more capable then our thoughts would ever allow us to believe and it’s important to remind ourselves of that. Our thoughts are so much smaller than we actually are. Don’t hold your own self back. Believe in yourself and that all things are possible because they really are possible. Now believe. It can happen.

Should I Stay or Should I Go


There are moments that replay over and over again in my mind because I question whether or not I did the right thing. I’d like to be able to let it float away from me but I truly believe life hands us the same situation in many different forms until we get it right. So there I was sitting with my daughter waiting for the Thunder game to start. A man walked in and told me we were in his seats. I told him there was one available in my row and one seat available in the front row. So, to clarify, row A has 7 seats, row B has 5 seats and row C which is behind the glass has 4 high stools. I explained to the man that the seats are usually on a first come basis and he marched out to get a stadium worker. Of course my husband was downstairs with my son getting his face painted so it was just me and my 15 year old daughter. So the man walked in and asked to see my ticket. I was so embarrassed and taken back by the mans sense of entitlement and rudeness that I could not locate my ticket at the time. My daughter bolted because she was humiliated and this man was causing a scene so she sat in the back of the suite out of the way.

I guess it’s important to mention here that no one actually pays for a ticket. Names are drawn at work and the ticket is a gracious perk. Never once had I experienced such a scene. People have always just been grateful for the opportunity to attend such a wonderful event. So, because I couldn’t find my ticket, I had no choice but to get out of the seat. Seriously, I was humiliated and I just wanted to go home. Do you think it’s a coincidence that this very tall, very heavy man picked tiny little five foot me and my teenage daughter to bully and throw his weight around. I felt crushed and bullied and disrespected. Not because my husband is the General Manager but because he chose me, a small woman to spew his wrath.

After I calmed myself down, I discovered that we held tickets B 2-5. That only left 1 seat available in our row so the man didn’t even have two tickets to sit there. We were in the right seats all along so I have to ask myself why an arena worker would insist those seats were that mean mans. Was he too just automatically siding with an aggressive man over a woman who appeared to be clueless? I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I am more than curious.

I am really upset with myself because I remained behind the glass the entire game. What bothers me most is that my moving and allowing that bully to sit there gave the impression to everyone else in the suite that I was indeed wrong. Is that why it is bothering me so much? Because to others it may have appeared that I was the entitled one pulling rank or the fact that I find myself getting dumped on by total strangers frequently. Even my husband felt bad that I am always involved in situations innocently. I ask you, what should I have done? Was it right to not make everyone more uncomfortable than they already were and just move on and enjoy the game or should I have set the situation straight and put everyone in their place? I hate entitlement and I abhor when people are not grateful when they are afforded opportunities. I tried so hard to focus on my gratitude for being present at such an exciting game and after the first quarter I relaxed and let myself enjoy it. There have been many times I have let people walk all over me, even in my own home, and to keep the peace I have remained silent. Each time it happens, the scars become ripped open and the pain comes rushing back. I pray I learn to find balance when I can handle the situation with a cool head and do so respectfully. I am a hot head and it is hard for me to keep my emotions separate from a situation. I have been practicing for 43 years and still I haven’t gotten it right. I am curious though, what would you have done?

Are You A Quitter?


I learned something very valuable about myself last night. I recognized that when things seem impossible I give up all hope. I roll over in bed, pull the covers up over my head and quit. Just like that. What is it that makes the few, the brave and the proud fight until the end having faith in the hope that things will work out?

I must admit I hang in there quite a long time but slowly over time my attitude worsens and then I’m done. Yes, I am going to write about basketball again and I know the topic is a bit out of my league. Sometime, during the last few minutes of the 4th quarter of the Thunder/Clippers game I became aggravated with how the game was going and decided I wasn’t going to waste anymore of my time watching and suffering. So, I did what I do best. Pulled the covers over my head, turned my back on the tv and tried to sleep. My husband would have none of that so I was secretly listening even though I was complaining about how Thunder had blown the game. Seriously, if you would have told me last night they had any chance of winning, I would have laughed right in your face.

The point is this! regardless of the circumstances, they did win in the end. What if they would have given up when I did? How would they have ever known they were that close to another win? I can only wonder how many times I gave up in the past when I too was so close to achieving my goal. The change must start first with the negative talk and the spiraling downward of my quitting attitude. Changing one part changes the entire whole so changing the negative words into encouraging ones will be the first step in a better direction. How many times have you quit something because you stopped believing anything was possible? What do you do to keep yourself going when all signs point to looming failure?

What I Know About Basketball And Gambling


I don’t really like to gamble. To me, it is taking hard earned money and tossing it away. However, once in awhile I do accompany my husband to the casino. Our favorite is roulette. We look at the whole underlying concept of betting entirely different ways. Let me explain. If my husband notices red coming up over and over again, he will bet black and he loses almost every time. I however am a girl that believes in flow. If something is flowing naturally in one direction, why on earth would I stand there blocking the current while forcing it to flow the other way? It sounds crazy and exhausting and well, impossible. So I bet with the flow.

Last night I stayed up to watch our local Thunder team play some basketball. I held out hope for a win until the very last second but deep down I knew it wasn’t going to be in the cards. The coaches made a wager to go against the natural flow of the game. When I saw Durant hold that ball in his hands in a last minute attempt to win the game, I knew before he even attempted the three pointer it was not going in. It just wasn’t his best game last night. I would have given that ball to Westbrook and watch him plow through Memphis defense to score two points in a simple lay up. Should I take over as new head coach of the Thunder? Probably not. But I think there is an important lesson behind going with the flow. What do you think?