Life Can Change in Three Days


“To think negatively is like taking a weakening drug.”

I awoke to this quote today. I’m not sure who originally said it but I can testify that I am drinking the poison. I realized today how crucial it is to wake up on a positive note. Those first few hours of the day can make such a tremendous difference. My mother has been staying with me for a few weeks and today I realized something important. I always call her first thing in the morning after I drop my daughter off for school. I am usually not in the greatest of moods. Often, I am either complaining about someone’s bad attitude or talking about the things I am dreading that I have to do that day. I take my poison and literally pass it to her to drink. My venting is toxic. It is killing me and the people who take the time to listen to me. We all vent and slowly, one day at a time, we are killing the positive spirit that is fighting to live inside each and everyone of us.

Don’t we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to pass a different cup around? How about passing something like happiness or encouragement or even love around? I decided today to take a personal challenge. For three days, I will not complain. Even if I think a bad thought or stumble into a bad mood, I will not speak of it. I will give the mood/circumstance no words, no attention and I will not drag my garbage around and stuff it in someone else’s can. Three simple days. It sounds so easy but the truth is it will take some serious discipline and dedication. I will start small and hopefully grow this new practice big. Will you join me? Will you say no to dumping and complaining? Let’s give it a try.