Why So Many Turtles?


I saw a turtle in the road the other day. Instantly I could feel my heartbeat speed up. I held so much anger toward that little turtle. I even asked my son if I should hit him. As I drove up closer there was no way I could harm him. Not a chance. Besides, that turtle was not the turtle responsible for totaling my car. I realized at that very second how often we project anger onto people who don’t deserve it. It’s more common than I ever realized. How many times has someone  had to absorb anger that should have been directed at somebody else?

 Remember this lesson. It’s an important one. Don’t pick on the turtles and learn to direct your anger at something productive like walking rather than at another human being. The way you deal with anger tells a lot about who you really are. 

Oh What a Night!


Yeah, so I warned everyone it was one of those days right? Wait until you hear how it ended! Apparently a stellar citizen decided to do a good deed and save a turtle from the middle of the road. Three of us were stopped waiting when all of a sudden I got hit from behind and was pushed a few feet forward into the car in front of me who hit the car in front of him and the car in front of him. The good news is, the turtle survived. The bad news, my car didn’t.