I Love Days Like This One


There is nothing more soothing to me than listening to the rain. I wait for days like this because they are few and far between where I am from. I don’t know what it is that makes me feel so relaxed but it is one of the rare times I don’t feel like I should be doing 100 different things. The rain is like therapy for me so you can bet I’m going to take advantage of it every chance I get. How about you? Do you like the rain?

Cold or Warm?


It’s another unseasonably cold day here in Oklahoma. The temperature isn’t so bad but the wind sends a chill to my very core. What is something that comforts you in cold weather? I have this awesome blanket that keeps me warm on the coldest days. I also stopped and picked up the best potato soup they make in the state. I am NOT a fan of feeling cold. How about you? Are you more a cold weather or warm weather person?

A Blanket of Gratitude


Today I was awakened at 4.43 am when my phone rang to notify me of the unexpected snow day. The truth is we don’t get much snow in these parts. As a kid and even as a young adult, I remember getting up from bed several times a night to look out the window and wonder in anticipation if the worlds plan for me would somehow be cancelled. Here in Oklahoma, an occurrence like that is rare but much appreciated when we are blessed enough to wake up underneath a beautiful, white blanket of snow. Today we all get a pass to decide for ourselves how this day will play out. I believe a very lazy day is well in order. Isn’t it great when the only one who has any control over your day is you? Well and I guess the snow! I’m feeling very grateful for the short week and longer weekend. 

How Does Your Heart Feel?


Today is a lazy, rainy day. I’m not sure what it is exactly but days like this allow me to feel very relaxed. I don’t have that gnawing pull that makes me believe I should be doing something, accomplishing something. Sometimes I can tackle more after a meditative day than I can during one where I remain regimented. I am choosing to relax and to read today and enjoying the freedom I feel to just be. My husband is traveling so I am taking on both our roles. With extra responsibility comes extra love and patience with myself. If I am not taking care of me, how in the world can I help anyone else? I can if I force myself to but my attitude won’t be one anyone around here enjoys, including myself.

Today, be kind to yourself. Forgive your imperfections and love yourself anyway. Do something that brings you to a place of peace and then you will be able to take others there to. Find something to smile about and reasons to love the ones around you even more. Focus on what makes your heart feel good and let go of all the rest.

A Little Bit of Gratitude


Somedays it’s easy to list things to be grateful for. Today is one of those days. The weather is absolutely beautiful. There is a cool breeze and nothing makes me happier than sporting my most comfortable sweatshirt. I do not have a single ounce of anxiety today and I am loving this amazing wave of calm that has luckily embraced me. I even snuck a few minutes of quality time in when I met my husband for lunch earlier. I love days like this when my heart is full. How is your day going today? What are you grateful for?



I walked outside today and it was obvious that fall arrived with a vengeance. I realized that just like the weather, life is meant to be in a state of constant change. When summer first arrived, I was outside everyday enjoying the wonderful warmth of the sun. After a few months of intense heat and such bright light though, I started to secretly resent it. I longed for a rainy day or at least a cool one where I could be totally comfortable in my favorite sweatshirt and yoga pants. Today is that day and it reminds me that I have to keep myself moving in all directions. I cannot be comfortable settling for the mundane ruts I often find myself in. I have to try new things and always have something on the horizon to look forward to. Change is necessary. It reminds us that we should feel alive and have something to feel good about. It reminds us to embrace the new and discover whatever it is that is waiting around the corner to explore.

Here’s wishing you a fall season full of change and beauty and inspiration. Notice the temperature change. Feel the goose bumps on your arms and watch the leaves turn a little more colorful each and every day. Remember, you are changing too. Take a step back and watch the transformation. It is really beautiful.

Sit Back and Enjoy The Ride


Last night we drove to the drive-in to watch Jimmy Buffet by satellite. It was a beautiful night and we sat there eating our “Cheeseburger In Paradise” special. A little corny, I know, but we are always up for a night out.

Not long after it began the temperature dropped. The winds picked up and goose bumps spread across my body like wildfire. We climbed in the car and the made the best out of the circumstances we were given. That is when it happened. Rain, lightening, thunder, ferocious winds and the satellite bringing us Jimmy Buffet was sadly lost.

We had waited weeks, driven an hour and a little more that one hour into the concert, it was over for us at the drive-in. Were we disappointed? Sure. But the fact is this, we could focus on the good or we could focus on the bad. I was just happy to spend some outdoor time with friends and family and at least catch some of the concert, even if the sound was somewhat muffled. We always have a choice to see the glass as half empty or half full. What we forget is sometimes we think entirely too much and should accept and enjoy the glass exactly the way it it. All the thinking in the world won’t change it’s contents. Take life as it is. Find the good and see past the bad. Go with the flow and things will always turn out the way they should. No sense fighting it just buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Oh Snow! Not Again!


When I moved to Oklahoma, I thought my days of seeing snow had ended. But this year, I have sure seen my fair share. It is a reminder to me that nothing is ever completely predictable. Just when I think I have it all figured out, surprise, something that seems against the odds pops in to catch me off guard. There is a lesson here of course. Expect the unexpected, and never get to comfortable in what I think I know. Life is like a storm. It happens whether I expect it or not, it goes on after if freezes me and chills me to the bone, only to warm me up again after the storm has past. It sends a tornado to remind me how quickly life can change and that the severity of the wind can destroy the very structure I believe will keep me safe. Nature is a reminder to be ready at all times. Be ready for surprise, be ready for change, and be prepared to respond to whatever blows my way. It also reminds me to bask in the warmth and cherish the calm so that the winds of life do not blow away the calm that is always there in my heart. Sometimes it is just hard to reach that place. So we wait, and wait, and wait for a better day.