We Need More of This


It’s no secret I am a huge Thunder fan. I watched as that team left everything they had including their pride out on that court. I sat there close to tears as the final few seconds led to the end of the game. They played their hearts out. They gave it their all but last night just wasn’t their chance to shine. I went to bed wondering how they must have been feeling knowing they not only let themselves down but also disappointed so many amazing fans. What would it be like to have to come back home and look everyone in the eye that was counting on them to bring home a win. My heart hurt just thinking about it and I hoped Oklahoma would embrace them with loving, open arms.

An announcement popped up on my phone that there would be a live broadcast of Thunder arriving home. What I saw was beautiful. There were hundreds of fans waiting to greet them as they chanted O-K-C. The players looked at the crowd with disbelief and shared a moment of Oklahoma love. That is how it is supposed to be. When someone is hurting, we volunteer to carry some of the pain. When someone is down and out, we do our part to build them back up. I am so proud of what I witnessed today. More of this, that’s what we need. So much more of this…