Do You Believe in Magic?


We all have a playful child inside us dying to break free. Last night I became one with the child in me. We headed downtown to listen to a concert. By mistake, I stumbled upon this fun little place and it didn’t take long until I was running around exploring the wonderful world all around me.


I read this book as a child and I must admit it was one of my favorites. I imagined that the garden was real and was filled with all kinds of magic. This fun little garden was just that. Everywhere I looked brought a silly smile to my face. There were beautiful flowers as tall as adults just begging us to come to play. That’s exactly what we decided to do.


There were tiny huts and tepees and skinny little winding staircases that led up to whimsical tree houses where you could see the dancing colored lights blink on and off as the water in the fountain teased the children to come a little bit closer. We ran like excited children through mazes that led to tiny houses that magically played music notes that caught us by surprise as we stepped on the tiles. There were little grassy pads lit up with twinkle lights and if you didn’t know better, you could almost see little fairies flying through the colored tunnels daring you to look.

It was dark so the pictures did not come out as well as I would’ve liked. I definitely plan on making a trip back in the daytime to get a better look. My favorite part is where we decided to park our chairs next to a beautiful pond with running water and red rock trailing across inviting the kids to jump from stone to stone to get to the other side. It was one of the most adorable, relaxing places I have ever seen and I am grateful we found ourselves inside of it. Was it really magical? I guess it’s different for everyone who experiences it but I am a believer. I haven’t felt that happy or playful or that excited in many, many years. Here are a few pictures. I only wish they came out better.