Be That One


What is inside you will always spill over. You can always tell what is really going on inside a persons heart because it becomes their words, their actions and eventually their behavior. A happy person is always smiling. You can see it in the way they carry themselves and feel it in their easy going nature. They make others happy just by being around. The same can be said about a person who is anxious. Someone who is anxious is always worried. You can see it by the way they fidget or in their nervous mannerisms. How do you feel around someone who is continually unsettled?

The point is simple, we are who we are. What we forget though is who we are affects others too. For our own well being and for the people around us, we have to strive to reach a place where we are balanced and healthy.

I love strawberries. I buy them all the time but this summer I have been pretty disappointed. The strawberries just aren’t the same. Often times, there is already one or two strawberries covered with mold before I even open the container. That mold spreads quickly and before I know it, the whole container is contaminated and needs to be thrown away. Don’t be the rotten strawberry who ruins the whole bunch. Be the shiny one that stands out, because one awesome strawberry can be enough to make all the difference.