You Can Do This


The weather in Oklahoma has taught me an important lesson. April and May come with windy conditions. I’m not talking about an enjoyable breeze, I’m referring to the sound that wakes you from a restful sleep in pure panic as you wonder if everything you own has blown away. Life can be that way too. We have periods where we want to hide underneath the covers and avoid our responsibilities and the rest of the world. When the conditions get destructive in our own lives, it’s natural to feel the call to hunker down. Eventually we work through it and recognize that the chaos outside cannot shake the calm core we’ve worked so hard to build on the inside.

Remind yourself that even when everything gets stormy, even when it feels like your own life is falling apart, you have what you need to keep on going. You are strong and resilient and unshakable. Take it one day at a time, one small step at a time. This too shall pass and once again you will bask in the peaceful warmth of the sun. Until then, let the wind be at your back and keep moving forward.

Let It Blow Through


The wind was hitting me in the face as I sauntered on for my usual walk today. At first I felt really annoyed only to discover a few steps later that the annoyance was already inside of me and the wind was just the mirror pointing it out to me. Sometimes we don’t know what’s really going on until something causes us to check in with ourselves. How many times do we candidly and honestly ask, how am I really feeling right now? We convince ourselves it’s the traffic or our spouse or our child who is causing a feeling to well up inside when actually it is the feeling inside that is eating everyone and everything alive. I didn’t realize how much stuff was just sticking to me. I had been walking around and anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness and negativity kept piling up on me and I never even noticed. The wind reminded me to stop holding onto what doesn’t serve me. It nudged me to let it go and allow it to blow through. Reminder to stop hanging onto what is weighing down so heavily on your soul. Let it go. Let all that crazy, useless stuff go. Take a deep breath as you feel it all just blow away. 

Why So Much Noise?


Today I woke up fully understanding how much of what we do can be a catalyst of stress for another human being. Sometimes it is intentional and other times, like in this example, it is not. 

I have this intense need and desire for calm. I moved out to the country because part of feeling calm requires a certain level of quiet for me. I don’t like noise and several noises cause me anxiety. Last night it was the wind. Oklahoma wind is not ordinary. Winds here cause amazing damage added to the fact that my house is on tornado alley, contribute to the anxiety that stirs inside of me. The neighbors are building a garage and every morning I wake up to hours of banging. Bang, bang, bang added to the wind already affects me.  I think part of the reason I love yoga so much is because it is the only place I can seem to find that offers the level of calm and quiet I crave.

This is just a reminder that what we do has an effect. It travels out like a wave and causes some type of reaction in other people. Remember to stay aware. Remember our words and actions and posts reach far beyond what we ever imagine. As for me, I will be in search of some quiet today, at least until this storm inside of me quiets down so I can tolerate the one outside.