Unwrap Your Life


I celebrated another birthday yesterday. As each year passes by, I become more grateful for time. Like it or not, each day I am alive is one less I have to live. I realize how senseless it is to waste precious moments on the things I will never be able to change. Learning to live in harmony with those same things has been my greatest challenge but slowly, I am getting there. This is your reminder to enjoy today before these minutes tick away. Even on your worst day, find a reason to smile and celebrate your blessings. Every day is a gift and each and everyone of our lives is a gift too. Happy Friday! You’ve got this.

Morning Gratitude


Can you hear that? There’s nothing better than waking up to the sound of quiet. I am sitting here visiting with this much needed blessing of peace, residing in this place of gratitude I feel for the calm in this beautiful moment. A mantra popped into my head and it will serve as a compass to help find my way back if I accidentally stumble off course. Here it is, may the peace and joy I feel in this moment remain with me throughout the day.

A blogger friend reminded me of something important today. Behavior and thoughts take years to become habit. To break the cycle takes a great deal of focus and work but one thing is absolutely crucial, we must actively replace those old behaviors and thoughts with new ones to actually bring about any change. Without this action, intentions remain failed desire. The new action is the catalyst to change one undesired action/thought into a more desirable one. The answer was so simple and clear the entire time and I foolishly chose to believe it was unachievable. Thank you Mindmasterjedi for gently guiding me to the light. I am forever grateful for your enlightening feedback.