You Write It Wednesday 


What made you smile today?

I have enjoyed this week more than most. Spring is definitely in the air and this is day three being stress free. Sometimes you can only see something if you are actively looking for it. I have been looking for things to make me smile in the most unusual places and it’s been working better than I ever imagined. We get more of what we focus on so I am choosing to focus on the things that make me happy. Your turn! What made you smile today?

What Are You Grateful For Right Now?


Let’s face it, I’m not so sure people have been feeling very thankful lately. Sometimes our ability to feel gratitude is dependent on how well things are going for us at a particular time. The truth is, the times you are feeling your worst are the times you need to reach out and find at least something everyday you can be thankful for. Today, I am grateful for the blogging community. The way we respect one another’s views while at the same time challenging one another to think about something differently makes the world a better place. Thank you for the loving, inclusive group that you are. My heart is full. What are you grateful for today? 

What Do You Take the Time to Share?


We have become people who live to share. Ask yourself one very important question today. What is it that you are sharing? Is it an offensive article about the candidate you don’t like? Another bloggers post? Is it your opinion? Your time? Your money? Your service? Your criticism? Your support? Love?

Share something worthwhile today. Be honest with who you are and what you contribute to a fragile world. 

Is Blogging Work or Play?


When I first started blogging I became addicted to expressing myself. The freedom to be completely, unapologetically me became like a drug I couldn’t get enough of. Then I started to pay attention to stats and I felt this insatiable need to reach so many views each and everyday. Blogging wasn’t as interesting or fun anymore. It became a competition with myself to maintain a number that at the end of the day, didn’t really mean a thing. 

The remedy was simple. I went cold turkey from blogging for awhile and now I only post when I really feel like jotting something down. I don’t want to lose the fun and gratification by getting lost in silly goals. Why the need for competition at all? Maybe it just makes sense to write what and when I simply want to. 

How about you? Is blogging more work or play?

Sh!$ Happens


I put so much time and effort into writing a post this morning. All of a sudden the site crashed and that post I worked so hard on was gone. I am trying my best to stop reacting to everything that happens and choose how I respond. I could throw a fit and frantically try to write the post again or I can simply say, oh well and move on. I have to stop believing that bad things always happen to me and remember that sometimes things happen. It has nothing to do with me. The world is actually NOT conspiring against me even if I want to believe it is. This is a reminder that sh!$ happens. You can either lie down and roll around in it or step over it and move on. I say move on. Happy Monday!

A Note of Gratitude


I spent many years feeling lost and unsupported. People are hard these days and that “suck it up” attitude runs pretty strong. These last few years though, I have found an amazing mountain of support and encouragement from my blogging family. Not only are you kind enough to listen and empathize but you also offer solutions and try and help. I hope you know the difference your sweet words make in my life. Just the fact that you even take a few minutes of your own precious time to make a difference in mine, makes me feel very blessed. Thank you to each and every one of you who has ever brightened my day, straightened me out or offered hope and choices I wasn’t even aware existed. My plate is so full and I am grateful. Thank you.