Where’s That List?


One of you fabulous bloggers posted a suggestion to transform a bucket list into a fuc# it list. At first I thought it was a silly idea but the more I practice it, the more I see the value. It is not only empowering but it is the quickest way I have ever discovered to lighten my mood. Don’t want to do this anymore, put it on the list. Sick of feeling stress and anxiety, leave it right here at #235. It really does work and I guarantee mutually sharing your list with someone else will lead to tears…. of laughter anyway. Why not give it a try for yourself?

What would be the first thing you would write down on your list today?

You Write It Wednesday


Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage to follow through?

I’ve always dreamed of owning a small business. Maybe a little, friendly coffee shop with local, weekly entertainment. I want an environment where people can come in and feel welcome, at home. A place for conversation and connecting, laughing and belonging. Someday I hope to make it reality.

How about you? Tell me something you’ve always wanted to do.

You write It Wednesday


If I knew I would be okay, I would ____. For me , the answer would be sky dive. I’ve always thought about how exhilarating it would feel to take that leap from the airplane. The heart-pounding, spine tingling feeling as I free fall and finally pull the chute and float to the ground. The courage to dare to do something that scares me to death while at the same time making me feel so alive. 

What would you do if you knew you would be okay?