Counting My Blessings


This is tough to admit but I used to question why God gave me these particular kids. There were days I didn’t think I could do it because with them came challenges that threatened me on every level. They were so different than I imagined them to be and I have been forced to adjust every single day. Looking back now, I get it completely. The intention was never for me to grow them but rather for them to grow and transform the parts of me that had remained underdeveloped.

My son turned 16 yesterday. As I went to bed I apologized to God for ever questioning his knowledge. I was grateful for the tolerance I was forced to learn from having my son. Today I got a call from my husband asking if I could bring Chases contacts to the driving school or they wouldn’t allow him to take his drivers test. I admit at first I was furious, but as he gave me a big smile after his test I chuckled to myself and repeated the word tolerance. Those kids stretch me to be my greatest self and although I am often frustrated by the painful lessons, I am always grateful that out of all the kids in the world, I am blessed enough to be their mom.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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