Tomorrow is a New Day


Sometimes I find myself in a state of resistance. There are days that do not turn out the way I planned. Most times I am able to pick up and move on but occasionally I am hit with something that kicks me in my core and I am left fighting against what I will never be able to control. Tonight I lay it down. Tonight I surrender to what is and I choose to believe that although this day did not go as planned, God has a plan better than the one I imagined and has already worked this out. Sometimes I need to lean on my faith and trust that my way is certainly not the only way and I need to allow for different paths that lead to the same destination. Tonight is a reminder to stand strong when the odds seem agains you. If the wind is in your face, turn around and allow it to blow on your back. Everything does work out and there is no need to create a battle in your mind that doesn’t even really exist. Tell yourself there will be a way and lay it down agreeing not to continue to force your way. Resisting does not change your circumstances but it can sure do a number on your ability to hope and find any joy. Lay it down and go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a New Day

  1. This is very relatable. We all have these days where we question everything or the reasons things happen as they do. I rmember events in my life I thought would destroy me or take me on a path where I would never recover. I question God as to why this happen.

    Everytime, the perceived disatser led me to soemthing better than I ever hoped for.

    I hope you have a better day today. May all your dreams come true.
    God bless.

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