One Less Problem Maybe


I never realized how difficult we could make our own lives until the other day. It’s a silly story really but one I bet many can identify with. 

I joined a new gym last week and I decided I wanted to go to the yoga class on Friday morning. I woke up feeling pretty tired. It was chilly and gloomy which inspired me to stay at home. I went back and forth debating should I stay or should I go, probably why someone wrote a song about that in the first place. After 2 hours, I finally made up my mind to go. When I got there the entire room was packed. I realized that I was probably the only one who faced the dilemma of whether or not to show up and I turned a situation into a problem that didn’t need to be that way. What a waste of time and how silly. 

My lesson is simple. Stop thinking about everything so much and just get up and do it. I hope this motivates someone today. I think we do this more than we know. We need to find a way to stop our random thoughts from causing us unnecessary anxiety. We don’t have time for that and let’s face it, there are enough disconcerting problems in the world without creating our own.


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