Help! I Need a Name


There is a very good reason parents are not meant to have a baby during middle age. The older I get, the more I actually sleep because I need to and not because it’s something I’ve been conditioned to do.Before you jump to any conclusions, I am not planning on having another baby. Now that my kids are older and don’t need me much anymore, I have been feeling a gaping hole in my heart only to be filled by feeling loved and needed once again. 

I don’t have any idea why I even let myself do it but when my daughter told me a friend was giving away free kittens, some gravitational pull dragged my car in the exact location of those sweet little creatures and I just couldn’t help myself. I spent all night with her next to me in bed watching her like a protective mom should do and today I am totally exhausted. Yes I swore I would never bring another animal into this house but I guess in my older age, I am becoming a softy. So this is our new addition, who by the way, still doesn’t have a name. Any suggestions? Right now, we call her puppy.


20 thoughts on “Help! I Need a Name

    • She is a little calico with lots of black and white fur and an adorable amount of light brown fir. She has a little black line over her mouth that resembles a mustache. She is really adorable and her eyes are the prettiest shade of turquoise. Reminds me of the water in Hawaii.


  1. Puppy? How rude.

    Patches was my initial thought. [I see I am in good company.]

    Otherwise, Patchwork, Cupcake (cuz she kinda looks like a black-bottom cupcake), Marshmallow (cuz she also looks like a toasted marshmallow), S’More….


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