How Do People Treat You?


Something I’ve decided to get serious about lately is reteaching people how to treat me. I have to be consistent and selective when it comes to what I will accept in my relationships these days. I am constantly working on myself but the missing link was working on the interactions within my relationships as well. So what message am I trying to send? My time is important. I am important and I hope I reciprocate the same. We are too distracted and our lack of attentiveness can really make the person on the receiving end feel isolated and unimportant. We can also be pretty flat and sometimes someone needs a little bit of our enthusiasm to make them feel special and loved. So ask yourself, how do people treat me and what am I doing to encourage or discourage their behavior? How do I make others feel and am I being mindful in my interactions? There is always room for growth so why not give it a try?


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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