How Do You Define a “Good” life?


Someone made a comment to me earlier that really started me thinking. I can’t remember the exact words but the point being made was that I have my health and can pay my bills so my life must be good. What exactly does it mean for life to be good? I imagine a good life looks quite different to each and everyone of us. I am struggling with a torn meniscus and experiencing some real anxiety over trying my best to parent a teenager who seems to be lost. Sure I look healthy and yes the bills are paid but my heart feels heavy and I feel it racing. I think what disturbs me most is people think they know but they really don’t. They don’t take the time to know. They don’t really want to know. Our relationships seem so superficial these days. It makes me sad that we live in a world where people tell us how we are instead of being interested enough to ask and then hear the story beneath the words. Let this be a reminder not to assume we know what’s going on with anyone else. Life may be very different for someone than it “appears” to be. The eyes don’t always get it right. Don’t assume anything because they appear healthy. Health involves the body, mind and the spirit. Don’t assume because someone can pay bills that they can pay a second of attention to anything else because they are consumed with anxiety, dread, depression, hopelessness. Maybe my life is good but I may not be as healthy as you believe. I can have a good life in spite of everything because I make the choice to do so. Let’s just stop assuming anything and ask. Listen. Encourage. Support. Reach out. You don’t know but maybe you should.


7 thoughts on “How Do You Define a “Good” life?

  1. Great post! A good life will be defined by each of us differently. As I’ve gotten older, adapting and adjusting to unexpected situations was taking its toll. An unhealthy work environment was pushing me over the edge. My faith and trust in God was the life line that helped me throughout each ordeal. There was a season so tough, I was angry for awhile that I couldn’t write. Prayed my way through it because advice being given made it worse. By the grace of God, I’ve been sharing all my woes from a positive perspective of his word. My thoughts on a good life is God waking us each day equipped to supply our needs. Every life experience teaches and changes something. Growing through the pain trusting The Lord is powerful when we encourage and love one another, one moment at a time. Faith and hope. Abundant blessings.


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