What Would You Do?


So I went to visit my patient today and there was something important they probably should have told me. My patient could not talk and barely had the ability to communicate. He was able to give a thumb up or a thumb down but I have to admit the situation was extremely awkward. How would you have handled meeting a total stranger knowing you were the only one who could talk?

34 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. In my past with patients who could not communicate I would of smiled because you know the patient is feeling so sad. I had them blink once for yes and twice for no. Smiling alot surely does help as well. Makes them feel at ease .

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      • Ok. Sounds to me as tho he was feeling awkward as well. Had you seen him before? If this was your first time with him then maybe this is why this happened. Maybe if you go again just go into his room and say hello and just hang out and visit. Ya Know? Let him know you are there for him if he wants to communicate. Hope this helps. Have a good day.

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      • It was our first time meeting and I do think it was awkward for both of us. Next time I am going to take the approach that I am just stopping in to say hello and check on him and ask if he wants me to take him for a walk with the wheelchair. Thanks for the advice! It’s Friday! Have an amazing day πŸ™‚


      • That is an excellent idea.. I can tell you first hand experience on my part. I worked in the medical field for over 40 years and each sweet soul is different. I have found the biggest thing to conquer is you have to earn their trust. Once this happens you are in. Have a good day and if you have any questions I am here.

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  2. What we do is use pen and paper or a white board and a marker. Have them write questions and answers. If they’re aphasic, verbal or receptive, that complicates matters but it can still be done. Check with the staff SLP for possible augment stove communication tools they may have.

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  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I am not sure how I would of handled it. However in the brief time that I have been following your blog and getting to know you, I am confident that you handled the situation with dignity!


  4. the-reluctant-parent

    for me, that would be almost impossible since I couldn’t see his or her body language.

    You said patient so I’m assuming you are in either the medical or counseling field?


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