What if our Only Purpose is to Love and Be Loved?


Yesterday, I went to visit my ladies in the nursing home. I’ve been volunteering for Hospice these last few months but for some reason, I have developed a real sweet spot for these two. The way they light up when I walk in makes my whole body smile. They reach out and pat me on the head or run their hand down my face. I walk in and straighten their bodies in bed or wrap their warm blankets tightly around them to make sure when I leave they will not be cold. 

It breaks my heart to see them there alone. It physically pains me each time I walk back out of their door knowing I won’t see them for another week. They are somebody pretty important. Their lives mean something. They are mothers, grandmothers, and so much more. One woman has a baby doll on her bed. When I put the doll in her arms she smiles the sweetest smile I ever ever seen. I watch her come alive as she hugs the baby and kisses her cheek. 

What I’ve learned is, we may forget names and faces. Time may steal our memories like a their in the night. The one thing we cannot forget is love. No one can take that from us. That is not a memory but a seed that is planted in our heart and continues to grow even when the rest of the body and mind begins to shut down. Are we here to be the president of a well known company? Are we here to change the world and accomplish something incredible? Maybe we are simply here to love and be loved. Maybe we CAN take THAT with us when we finally go. I guess someday I will know. It’s something to consider.

What Would You Do?


So I went to visit my patient today and there was something important they probably should have told me. My patient could not talk and barely had the ability to communicate. He was able to give a thumb up or a thumb down but I have to admit the situation was extremely awkward. How would you have handled meeting a total stranger knowing you were the only one who could talk?

Will You Do It?


Today, I start volunteering for Hospice again after a short break. There are people counting on people like me to come and visit. The number one reason someone requests a hospice volunteer is quite simply because they are lonely. Isn’t that heartbreaking? I too feel lonely and wish magically there would be someone there when I am feeling low or happy or excited or just simply want to share some thoughts. My message today is simple. Be there for someone today. Make them feel heard or appreciated, understood or loved. Our time here is short and it is so sad to think we exist with so many people in this world and still can feel entirely alone. Make a difference in someone’s life today. Be the difference.

Is Your Tank Empty?


You’ve heard the quote, “Be a Fountain, Not A Drain”. Today I am the fountain and I’m feeling drained. There is delicate balance between give and take. There is that one sweet spot where peace blows quietly through your hair and you feel the sunlight on your face. You recognize the place when you are there because it’s a comfortable fit when you haven’t been pulled too much in any one direction or the other. But, when you give a little too much, more than your share, you just feel completely exhausted. 

I spent the entire day at a nursing home with a patient and her family today. The more I volunteer, the more I want to help. It’s In my nature to fix the broken and heal the sick. Yes I am aware I do not have that kind of power but it doesn’t have to stop me from trying. It’s also exhausting. It’s one thing to put on a happy, supportive face but it’s another to try and remain detached. I don’t believe you can help if you are detached at all. The more you care, or at least I care, the more motivated I am to help. I sometimes think it’s a character flaw that I care too much. There are those unfortunate times when my tank gets empty. If it wasn’t for that warning signal that lights up on the dashboard I probably wouldn’t notice until my car was completely out of gas. Unfortunately, when it comes to giving and being human, there is no indicator that lets us know we’ve given too much. I need to remember to take care of myself first so that I don’t run out of energy when I need it most. So, that is my message today. Put on your own oxygen mask first and then help put on the masks of the people around you. Don’t let your tank get too low and if it does, stop whatever you’re doing and fill it back up. One thing I know for sure, you are no good to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself. Don’t try and be hero. Leave that for comic books. Just do your share the best you can and don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way.