Think About This



If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

Adolf Hitler
I’m starting to believe that as sad is this seems, it actually may be very true. The line between truth and lies is blurred now than ever before. We are standing at a crossroad where we can look through the smoke and mirrors and start to think with our own heads. We are only deceived if we allow ourselves to be but  like it or not the truth will eventually show itself. Should we accept corruption and deception or put our foot down and declare enough is enough? Honesty is something that used to be respected and valued but these days it’s harder and harder to recognize for sure. Listen to your instincts. Let that be your compass and know that your eyes and ears are the most unreliable guide. What an amazing important time in history. I’m not so confident we are up for the test. The world is watching to see what we will do. Well America, what’s it going to be?


2 thoughts on “Think About This

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    This line form Hitler is often applied to the false belief instituted by the many people who, during every political presidential election, continue to speak the lie that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote.


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