A Few of My Thoughts


It’s a quiet night here on the home front. I can hear the wind whipping by the window as the heat kicks on the background. When it’s cold like this, more than ever I am grateful to have a warm place to call home. We are surrounded by a bombardment of negativity coming at us from so many directions. I am grateful for this quiet moment of gratitude to remind me that despite what’s going on outside, internally I can always call on this sense of calm. It’s my safe place where I can go when I want to leave the world outside where the only thing I can hear is the sound of my breath and the ticking of the clock. A reminder that another minute is never promised and to stay present in the one I am given.


One thought on “A Few of My Thoughts

  1. Good mantra. Maybe you can print this and read it when some televised “threat” gets under your skin. Hopefully, it doesn’t lead to madness or ignorance. But, if it keeps you calm and moving, great.


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