Fairytales Are A Silly Myth


I didn’t fully grasp that life was unfair until I became an adult. I grew up dreaming of being a princess. It didn’t take me long to discover that fairytales were only in books. The boy didn’t always get the girl, things didn’t always always work out the way we wanted in the end and we rarely get the things we tell ourselves we deserve. Sometimes we have to settle. We have to find a way to be happy and grateful even when Gods plan turns out different than our own. We need to stop fighting what is and challenge ourselves to find gratitude in the times we feel our greatest struggle. We need to accept that perfect just doesn’t exist in an imperfect world. We have to stop believing we are entitled to everything we want especially when we are still unsatisfied after all we get. We think it’s all about me, me, me but the world is so much bigger than the small space in which we live. How do we start to flow in the direction that life is taking us? How do we trust that we will be okay in the end that is so different from the one we planned? Maybe that is part of our purpose, to stop fighting and start flowing. It’s exhausting living a life where we are constantly going against the current. Life isn’t meant to hard. Sometimes we make it that way. We were born to lean in, extend a hand and make the best of what we are blessed enough to have. The question is, how many of us are living that way?


Thoughts From a Heavy Heart


I don’t want to see this but every direction I look I find it staring back at me. I’m a lover not a fighter so my heart is heavy in this place it is forced to survive.

When we declare war we either fight to the death or until someone surrenders. Not many are willing to give or compromise these days so sometimes death seems like the only option. People become dead to us, relationships are destroyed and ideas are dead on arrival. Sad result either way. Eventually, people caught in the crossfire will be forced to choose sides which will backfire on one side or the other. I often wonder when enough is enough and if the amount of ground we gain is really ever worth the cost. What if we gain it all and still we want more? What if the path to peace and happiness is unattainable because happiness is not something we go out and find? Maybe the true destination is where we are right now on this day exactly the way we are. Maybe the plan is to find peace there and recognize that happiness is a choice we make in spite of everything else going on around us.

I wonder when enough will ever feel like enough as I shove hershey egg #17 into my mouth. Hypocrisy is alive and well and until we recognize it especially within ourselves, we will never find common ground.

Thoughts Become Things


We all have concerns and one of them is that our concern far outweighs anyone else’s. We really do believe that our problem is the end of the world and that it merits the time and attention of other people. Sometimes all people. We are consumed with ourselves to the point that we forget we are just one of so many. I am getting lost in people’s demands. It’s as if everyone is owed something and people will continue to throw tantrums until they get it. I see a lot of acting out. I for one don’t support it and I believe it encourages an environment that is truly unpleasant to live in. Why this need to suck people into our own despair? Why the desire for people to feel our pain? Have people forgotten how to negotiate? Sometimes you have to take less than you want, give a little to get something or at least bend, take what you can and be thankful. Anger and frustration leads to more of the same. Gratitude and appreciation bring more to be grateful for. I just think people are going about things the wrong way and inflicting the opposite of what they intend for themselves. What you focus on you get more of. Ask yourself one difficult question? What am I focused on? What is the general feeling I send off into the Universe? Don’t be surprised if you are getting back exactly what you give. You cannot change all your circumstances but you can change your way of thinking and how you perceive them. Pay attention to your thoughts. You know what they say, thoughts become things. Send out the vibration you want to get back and your life will change.

I Can and I Will


It’s a trick so don’t allow yourself to be fooled. When your mind comes up with a million reasons why you can’t, remember that you can. Everything is a choice and we have to start making the ones that are good for our body, mind and spirit. Don’t listen to the bs stories you tell yourself. Be stronger than your excuses. The first step is showing up. Start there. Repeat after me. I CAN and I WILL. End of conversation.

Today Will Be Amazing


I remember a time when I would wake up feeling absolute dread for what was about to come. I waited hour by hour for the ball to drop and when it finally did, there was no surprise. I decided I couldn’t live that way anymore and I vowed to change my thoughts and start expecting something amazing instead of the worst possible outcome. It took time and discipline but I celebrated the welcome change. Now I wake up excited and feel grateful for the opportunity to experience another day. I allow myself to slow down and really take in the little things that inspire me and I leave the things that drain me behind. I just didn’t notice the blessings before. I was so caught up in fear and dread of my own making that I lost sight of the good right there in front of me all along.

Today, celebrate the little things. Give anything positive focused attention and repeat these words throughout the day, today will be amazing. Do it for a week and see if you notice a difference. I am betting you will. No go out and have an amazing day!

Don’t Try And Change My World. Change Your Own


It has taken me 46 years to realize that inner peace and true happiness are not conditional. I hear so many people speak about the things they want abolished or changed. If only we could take away this or change that… then we would be in a better place. Guns, the president and social media seem to be the most common. I hate to be the person to break this news but we could remove one thing at a time until there was nothing left except people and still there would be a problem and people would be stressed and unhappy. Unfortunately, people are the root of most problems and certainly the main cause of their own insanity and unhappiness. We can pretend to create a perfect world but perfect to you and perfect to me look like very different pictures. We waste so much life and energy wishing to change things instead of learning to be happy and find peace in the place we are in. You will only find true peace and happiness while being whoever you are, wherever you are , in the moment that is present right now. If you catch yourself saying, “I would be happy if I could remove this from my life”, remind yourself that you can be happy in-spite of it. That’s just a story you tell yourself that isn’t true. You have to find your place of peace and happiness in the reality you find yourself in today. There is no way around reality so find a balance and adjust your thinking. The world will not magically change because you think it should. The only thing you can control is your attitude and your perspective. Change your thoughts, change your world.

My Peace is Not Conditional


There was a time not long ago when the sense of peace I felt was directly determined by the people and circumstances surrounding me. I felt like this tiny, little, insignificant creature being squeezed to death until I could barely breathe. I allowed myself to be played every single time. I felt powerless to fight or control anything which threatened my well being and eventually I succumbed to the chaos until I became the crazy around me. It’s taken a long time to claim my calm. It’s not situational or conditional. I make the decision of how I will react and more times than not I choose not to react at all. I can decide to not fall victim to anyone or anything outside of myself. I simply disengage and I have to admit it feels pretty darn good. Today, remember you have more control than you think. You simply allow something to affect you or you visualize pushing that button with the giant D and simply disengage. Remember one thing, if you want peace, choose peace, offer peace, be peace. It’s that simple.