Hand Me That. Hang On. Squirrel! Did You Say Something? Wait! Someone’s Beeping In. Let Me Check My Message.


It is no wonder so many of us feel so insignificant these days. I have been getting really frustrated lately with the amount of attention or lack there of coming my way. I try and talk to the back of my sons head as he stares mindlessly at the computer playing Mine Craft. Sometimes it drives me absolutely crazy because if I talk directly to him, he doesn’t seem to hear a word. But, say something I don’t want him to hear, he asks a million questions. Then I try and ask my daughter about her day in between the notification beeps coming from her phone and the world record amount of selfies she can take of herself in a minutes time. Then my husband. Augh! I finally think I am going to have a real two way conversation as I notice his attention going between my voice, the glare of the computer sitting on his lap and the Thunder game that’s playing on the tv. I have seriously had it. Even my mom is playing the game. I call her up and hear, “hang on, I have to get your sister off the phone. Bill will you order me some French fries. Hold on, your cousin is beeping in.”

I am hurt and insulted and feel like I have little or no importance in the lives of the people who are supposed to love me the most. No wonder depression is rampant and the line of every other commercial is about feelings of worthlessness. People’s lack of attention is really becoming problematic. I am not even writing this to vent. I am writing this to urge anyone who reads my blog to stop being so inconsiderate to the people that actually care enough to want to have a little one on one face time. Put the computer down and turn the tv off and stop checking your phone every single time it beeps. Give someone your whole attention and see how they respond. It is disheartening to think that someone cannot even give you a few minutes of their time when you so desperately need to talk. So, I hope you listen and give the people who love you more time and attention then you do your cell phone, laptop of squirrel in the distance. Anyone else having the same experience? And remember, they call it call waiting for a reason. It can wait until you finish the phone call you are already on. Now look someone in the eyes and listen to them. If they don’t appreciate it, I sure will!

8 thoughts on “Hand Me That. Hang On. Squirrel! Did You Say Something? Wait! Someone’s Beeping In. Let Me Check My Message.

  1. Oh yea, and this is the world we live in now. I know, a little depressing. We are addicted to information and don’t really give quality time to others anymore. What is society turning into eh?


  2. Oh that is something I learned a long time ago. My son used to get me (way back) when he would ask me something whilst I was on the computer. It always came back to haunt me when he said “But you said yes”. “When did I say yes”? “Last night, when you were on the computer”.
    I learned the hard way to stop what I was doing and to turn around and speak with the other person.


  3. Yes!! I couldn’t agree more. This is something that I have been working very hard to implement in my home. When my family is here and in the room with me, electronics come last. My family comes first. I’m getting to the point where I almost despise technology for the very reason that it is separating families. What bothers me more than anything is when we go out to dinner and entire families are staring down at their phones, iPads, etc. Do they even know that their family is there?

    I agree with you. People need to stop doing this and pay attention to those around them. Do they not realize that their time with their loved ones is short? It could end tomorrow and the only memories they will have with them are a few shared grunts in the middle of a computer game or texting session.


  4. AMEN! This is so true! I am amazed at how many times I am trying to have a meeting or conversation with someone and all these obstacles to communication. I wish I could have laughed when you said even your mother did this, but I have the same issue, though to a slightly lesser degree. Sometimes, I just want to invite someone to coffee where we leave all electronic devices behind. Even one hour would be heavenly. 🙂


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