I don’t have anything particular to write about today. It’s hard to believe but my anxiety has disappeared and my mind is quiet. Coincidence?    I don’t think so. I do believe the two go hand and hand. I did take Writingbolts advice and I did yoga at home today. As soon as I started moving through the positions, I was swept away by a gentle calmness. I am grateful I found something that offers that type of relief for me. Today is a calm in my storm and I will bask in it’s stillness. How are you doing today?

13 thoughts on “Rambling 

  1. I consider myself a very lucky person, not having experienced any mayor problem in the 83++ years of my existence. Neither physically (with one exception that lasted less than a week, and without consequences) nor mental, so I can hardly imagine, and am happy about the relief you must have felt when your mind found itself in balance. Hope you will manage to keep the shiny side up!

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  2. Yes, justice is served now that someone took my advice. Where’s my flag so I can stand proudly beside it?

    I would like to relax with some yoga, but the fall I just took about an hour ago has left me in some pain…

    And, yea, I was just about to say that. Maybe you are forcing yourself to write in this “calm” because the anxiety and such are not gone, just not present in the moment. Like a hurricane, is this the eye? It could be like a daily break in the clouds. No one knows when the next front will blow in.

    I’m gonna try and bask in some stillness, hoping my stillness heals my wounds.


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