Basking In Quiet


I love when I wake up before everybody else. It’s so quiet here in the room that all I can hear is the faint noise of the ticking of the clock. The old me would call this the calm before the storm but the new me refers to it as the calm that will take me through the rest of my day. The words you tell yourself are so important. Pay attention and make sure they are encouraging words. 


6 thoughts on “Basking In Quiet

  1. I am glad you get a time of quiet before the day starts and that it helps you go through the day. In my book, there is a verse that says, “in quietness and confidence, shall be your strength” and I am sure that calm is giving you the strength to go through your day.
    God bless !

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I am so with you about needing that quiet time in the morning. I actually have learned to get ready with the lights off – love taking a shower that way.

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