The Start of Something New


As I was sitting outside earlier, I noticed my rose bushes were budding with numerous blooms. We are so much like the flower that lays dormant for so long. I too have been asleep for many months now. I too have been just sitting around helplessly waiting to come alive. I’ve dragged myself through the motions with little or no feeling at all just hoping to survive from sun up to sun down. Some days all I looked forward to was going to sleep. This depression thing swallows me sometimes and it takes months to crawl back out. But today, I had a little hop in my step. I felt energized as I recognized that feeling that I too was starting to bloom. The hope and change are in the air and I am grateful to feel this good today. Sometimes you have to sit back as the ebb and flow comes and goes. One day at a time is all we can do and today is the start of something new.

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