Do You Notice?


There is still no food in the house because we are still in the phase of removing the food source for those pesty moths. We decided to go for dinner and settled on Buffalo Wild Wings. I told everyone they had to leave their phones at home and then felt foolish as we sat surrounded by a thousand tv’s. There was no conversation over the hooting and hollering going on over stupid football games. I couldn’t help but wonder how different relationships might be if we were as passionate and into each other as we were a random football game. It was like someone punched me right in the gut when I glanced around to see families and couples staring at the screens. Is that what we have become in this world where you can watch tv anywhere you are, including the bathroom? We are so distracted. We are so afraid we might miss something on the mighty tube but we have no concern what we might be missing in our own relationships. How could we though when our attention is always someplace else? Who has time to notice anyway?


14 thoughts on “Do You Notice?

  1. I often think that and that day I remove all devices from the front of family’s face. For few minutes we sit quietly and it feels so uncomfortable. But then we start, we learn about each we argue we smile we just do what families do – showing love. I wish I do it more often especially I blame myself as I have my phone my side all the time. Good stepp, keep trying and you can make a change:)

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  2. I went to that place once. I have no real interest in returning. Thankfully, it’s not as loud as some of the kid restaurants that provide entertainment. I once went to a pizza place (not Chuck E. or Showtime) with a loud sound system that made digesting next to impossible. I remember choking on my dinner and going away slightly hungry. I also remember the small back room of awesome arcade video games!

    If I was a sports fan/nut, Buffalo’ might be a decent hangout for me and a few buds. But, otherwise, I’d rather go to the Olive Garden or McDonald’s.

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  3. koolaidmoms

    We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and were seated next to two people (couldn’t tell if they were on a date or related) but they did not speak once during the entire meal. They never looked up from their phones. We have family dinner even if we are in a restaurant. That means questions about life, what would you do in a world political situation or even trivia. We always enjoy being together and I think it is a mindset you have to work at because everything around you discourages personal interactions. Noise, lights, phones, etc…

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