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I often wonder if relaxation comes easily and naturally for most people. I used to be able to exist peacefully without the mental need to plan out every single moment of my day but lately I have really had to focus on finding the quiet it takes to just calm down. I hate feeling so unsettled. Is it anxiety? Restlessness? I can’t quite put my finger on the right descriptive word. I am constantly drawn to the thought of those things that are constantly hanging over my head. That darn “things still left to do” list. The list that also includes what my kids need to do which of course is never ending. Is there any way to beat this constant gnawing or is it something I will just have to learn to live with over time? How do you handle it? Have you finally achieved a healthy balance?


10 thoughts on “Just Relax

  1. Melanie (DoesItEvenMatterWhoIReallyAm?)

    Meditation. Just empty your mind honey! I know it’s hard, but it’s important to do! At least try to start with a minute and work your way to longer amounts from there. You can do it if you concentrate on clearing your head of all thoughts! πŸ’– Namaste my sister!

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    In my situation to relax I simply need alone time and “peace & quiet.” Typically I get a little bit of this at the end of each day, as I am a nite owl of sorts and everyone else is in bed at a decent time. Blogging on WordPress is part of that relaxing process.

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  3. Deep breaths… and fast forward 5 or 10 years… how would your life be different if ‘it’ did not happen, was not done…? Can you live with that?
    When I do this, I realise ‘it’ is just a thing… and life may be different and it’s ok…
    All the best in quiet-ing (not sure this is a word πŸ™‚ ) an active mind.

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  4. Some say anxiety is the nervousness you feel in anticipation of an event…almost as if it was a positive thing. “I am anxious to visit the theme park.” But, I consider most of my nervous woes anxiety. Restlessness would more likely be the shade of anxiety I feel in anticipation of something that’s supposed to be fun/good. Or, I could get restless/impatient with people holding me up.

    I do not have a healthy balance for my age. When I was a kid and very “sheltered,” all was bliss. And, if my parents ever showed any signs of distress, us kids pretty much laughed it off as unnecessary. Then I became a teenager, and all heck broke loose. All that was missing were some wooden stakes, a Giles and a few cheerleaders. …And, then I became an adult and added more to the pile, finding myself in a war zone like Terminator: Judgement Day.

    I’m gonna peruse the tips from others here. But, sadly, I don’t have any grand suggestions. I think you already mentioned yoga.

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