Only Love Today


I read an article recently where the writer challenged the readers to follow these simple words. Only love today. That will be my mantra as I pick and choose what I will hold onto and what I will let blow right through. These are some steps you can take today to turn this concept into reality.

1) Don’t join any argument you are invited to. Simply move on and spend your time on something worthwhile.

2) Pass over negative comments and posts on social media and limit the time you spend there.

3) Just for today,turn off the news.

4) Think of at least one thing you can do today to make a positive difference for each person in your house.

5) Speak and think only loving thoughts. Keep the rest to yourself.

6) Look for flowers, not the weeds. It’s easy to notice things that are wrong about people, today look for the things that are right.

7) Repeat this mantra at least once an hour.

8) Believe that your attitude and behavior can change the world for the better.

9) Don’t react. Use your head and respond respectfully.

10) Be patient with yourself. Change doesn’t come overnight. 

Only love today and that includes how you think about and treat yourself.

Who’s in? Be the change.


5 thoughts on “Only Love Today

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    I actually deleted my facebook account and I already feel more at peace with that decision, even if it means that my music doesn’t get the exposure that I thought that avenue would provide.

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