You Write It Wednesday


We made it to Wednesday. What is it about the middle of the week that gives us an extra boost of enthusiasm? Today I want to hear about something you consistently put off because you just don’t want to do it? Here are my top three.

1) Doctor/Dentist appointments

2) Food shopping

3)Stopping for gas

Your turn? What are your top three?


21 thoughts on “You Write It Wednesday

  1. Happy Wednesday ! Wednesday is a happy day, because :
    1. Tomorrow the weekend starts.
    2. I can start taking it easy.
    3. I usually do my grocery shopping on the way back from work.
    Mundane things but there you have them.


  2. vgabow

    1) grading my students’ work
    2) anything having to do with finances – balance the checkbook, fill out the form, etc.
    3) making any kind of phone call – making doctor’s appointments, calling the insurance company, calling family/friends on the phone in general etc…

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  3. the-reluctant-parent

    mine are sorting and folding the laundry, though I don’t mind gathering it up, washing and drying it.

    Going to the dentist. Though there are never any real problems, I just hate going to the dentist.

    bathing the children, especially the little girl. It’s always a fight to wash her hair and wash her. She should be able to bathe herself at almost 6 and it’s not that we haven’t tried teaching her, she just doesn’t want to learn and how do you work with that, trying to teach someone when they just don’t want to learn the very thing you’re trying to get them to know how to do on their own?

    Any advice on that?


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